Bag Lady

Before I became bitten by the quilting bug I used to make bags. Shopping bags, hand bags, big bags, small bags and pouches. I’ve had to go back to my roots as the handbag I’ve been using for the last few years became very scruffy.

Boho BagThis is what it looked like when I first made it. I’ll spare you a picture of what it looked like only last week before I took it apart. The fabric on the outside was faded and frayed and I felt embarrassed every time I grabbed it. The lining, however, still looks fine and is made in one of my all time favourite Summersville fabrics by Lucie Summers. So I’m keeping the lining and making a new outer and strap.

The problem is, I can’t decide what to make. Should I go for another patchwork bag? Use leather or rucksack material? Should I make the strap or use webbing? What colours should I use? The lining is off-white and red. I’m not good at making decisions at the best of times but this one is killing me.

Meanwhile I’m using a bag I don’t like and feel comfortable with…..


CurvesI know a lot of people are scared of sewing curves but I’m having a great time with some curvy piecing. This is a commission for Quilt Now! so I can’t show you more.

However, I can tell you that I’m going to use this pattern for my fat quarter bundle of Florence by Denyse Schmidt. As soon as I find a few minutes of spare time that is…


Snowdrops are a sure sign that spring is coming and I really love seeing them. So when a lovely friend of mine asked for contributors to make a quilt for the Snowdrop Festival I quickly agreed to help. I sat down after Christmas and appliquéd a snowdrop onto the fabric Trash (yep, that’s her name) had sent me. It wasn’t my first time doing appliqué but the first time I did nothing but appliqué and it definitely whetted my appetite. As soon as I’m finished with the two commissions I’m working on I’m going to embark on a needle turn appliqué project which I’ve already designed. Before I get ahead of myself would you like to see the snowdrop?


While I was stitching on the first leaf and the stem I suddenly thought it would be fun to actually make it a 3D snowdrop so I did the second leaf and the two outer petals in that technique. The snowdrop festival will be on soon and I’m looking forward to showing you pictures of the finished art quilt soon. I’ve seen pictures of it on Instagram and it looks fabulous.