Little Miss Bossy-Boots is taking after her mummy when it comes to being creative. She loves nothing more than to paint/draw and  play with her Play-Doh. This morning I came downstairs after my shower and found her at the table with the big bottles of paint, which I thought were securely locked away under the stairs on the top shelf. Big mistake! Continue reading


It took me much longer than anticipated to finish this little amigurumi which I started when Little Miss Bossy-Boots was ill. Life just suddenly filled up with everything but time to sew or crochet.

However, here’s the finished project: Xolpoth, the Alien.

I started making amigurumis last year after receiving The Encyclopedia of Crochet Techniques by Jan Eaton and seeing a picture of “Binky Rabbit” in the gallery section. It was love at first sight and I decided to try making something like that. I didn’t have a pattern and that was quite evident when I looked at the finished project. It was a very strange looking “thing” that could only be identified as a rabbit because of its ears and tail and it ended up in the bin. Continue reading


I didn’t manage to get any crocheting done Saturday afternoon despite sitting on the sofa with Little Miss Bossy-Boots. She was really poorly and wouldn’t leave my lap for even two seconds. This made me determined to get the crochet hook out on Sunday and this is what I came up with:

As you can see I didn’t get very far.  Any guesses at what it is? I’m hoping to be able to finish it today and post a picture tomorrow. Continue reading