Ribbon Flower Hair Clips

Today I made some hair clips and ties in preparation for my next stall at the end of March. As the mother of a little girl who believes that blue, green, brown, yellow, white, etc are all colours for boys and only pink and purple are for girls I went for pink and red for my trial run. Just in case they don’t sell and stay with us. The plan is to take them with me to various outings and ask the mums if they would buy them if I made loads and made them in various colours (after all, not every girl is like Little Miss Bossy-Boots).

Hair clips with ribbon flowers:

All you need for them is some ribbon, buttons, two hair clips, a needle and thread and a hot glue gun. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a hot glue gun, you can sew your little flowers onto the hair clips too.

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Chop stick

Have you got a favourite tool in your sewing room?

I love my chop stick. It’s just a simple free chop stick that came with our takeaway Chinese. I have sanded it to round all the corners and that’s it. The idea to use a chop stick as a tool came while reading a craft blog (sadly I can’t remember which one it was) and I have to say it was a great tip.┬áIt just comes in so handy to turn corners when sewing, stuffing my amigurumis, flattening seams etc. Continue reading

Baba’s Gift

We have just come back from a week in Switzerland to celebrate my dad’s 75th birthday.

It was quite funny because I knew ages ago that I wanted to go home for that occasion and was waiting for Master to book his holiday so that we could book flights and a hotel (my parents live in a flat with no guest bedroom). I thought about which suitcases we were going to bring and what I was going to pack. I thought that I had thought of everything until I realised in a panic that I had forgotten one small but very crucial detail: a gift for Baba. Continue reading