Cushion Swap

I am soooo incredibly excited! Why? Because I’ve entered my first crafty swap!

Vic from “Punky & Me” has organised a cushion swap and I’m in it. I received my email this morning with details of who I’m making a cushion for and I’m really, really excited. Of course, I’ve checked out the lovely lady who is going to be the recipient of my cushion. As soon as I entered the swap I started thinking about what I would like to make and I admit I had a design in my head. Well, I’ve decided to scrap it after I saw what the girl in question makes. She embroiders beautifully, so I’m not going to send her something that she could make far better than me. It’s back to the drawing board for me.

It’s ok, though, I have time till the end of May before my cushion has to be sent all the way to Australia. Australia! Have I mentioned before that I’m really excited about this? I think I may have.


Hmmm, maybe I should get my tatting shuttles out….


Aimee’s Bag

Yes, it’s another pink bag!

Isabelle’s mum asked me to make bags for her nieces too and here is the first one:

It’s pink with a big butterfly appliqued on the flap. It’s a fairly bright pink that might not always be perfect. No problem! the bag is reversible and here’s the more muted side:

I had a bit of a problem getting the pattern change on the flap and the body to line up properly and in the end just had to give up. I don’t like wasting material and therefore didn’t want to make another flap. I don’t think it is bad enough to warrant that.

The flowery side has two pockets for all the small things girls carry about.

And, of course, an embroidered name.

I just hope the birthday girl loved her bag.

A Busy Weekend

This weekend has disappeared in the blink of an eye. Little Miss Bossy-Boots was invited to two birthday parties and I don’t know how it happens as they only last for about two hours but they eat up half the day. She had lots of fun, though, and that is the most important.

On Sunday, we dropped Little Miss Bossy-Boots at her auntie and uncle’s for a couple of hours so that we could do a spot of shopping. I wanted to pop into the local fabric shop and just very quickly pick up some fabric. Well….

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