An Australian Adventure

Yeah, I’ve finished the cushion cover for the cushion cover swap! I know I promised you a reveal yesterday but I wasn’t able to finish the cover till after Little Miss Bossy-Boots had gone to bed and didn’t want to take pictures in the dark. Here it is though:

I really love it. It came out just the way I imagined it. I used one of Master’s shirts which still looked perfect except for the collar. I know that quite a few shirty cushion covers have been floating about blogland and thought I’d try my hand at making one. I love to recycle and use lots of repurposed materials when I’m crafting. Using a shirt to make a cushion cover means you don’t need to think about zips or envelopes and the buttons are a fun detail on the back of the cushion cover.

The cushion cover looks a bit floppy because I don’t have a form that is big enough. My cushions are all sorts of shapes and sizes and I will have to go and buy a suitable form when my cushion arrives.

The flower is constructed out of 18 petals in three different sizes and a vintage button from my button box.

The flower is set inside a frame sewn from the same shirt material while the panel is a white cotton sateen. As the shirt material is quite thin I lined the entire cushion cover to give it a bit more body and to make sure it lasts a little bit longer.

I really hope that the girl who is receiving this cushion cover likes it. It’s a fairly classic looking cushion and I just might make one for myself next time one of Master’s shirts isn’t up to being worn as a shirt anymore.

Tomorrow this cushion cover is off to Australia. Bon voyage!

Another Bean Bag and a Cushion Cover

My friend Delphine was here yesterday to make another bean bag; this time for her little boy Tristan. His birthday is two days before Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ and as her children have been fighting over the first bean bag she made (with a little help from yours truly) for Charlotte, she decided to make a second one.

While the children were playing and Delphine was busy with the bean bag I thought I’d sneak in some work on my cushion cover for the swap. I only have till Monday before I have to send it off and I’d prefer to send it off a little earlier. I had a gigantic freak out a few days ago when I realised how close the deadline was. Imagine how I felt when I had a little peek at the cushions that have already been sent off by the other members of the cushion swap and I saw one that was incredibly similar to the one I had planned to make. Change of plan. Well. That was after having a major wobbly in the privacy of my own home. Luckily inspiration hit me again and I’m really hoping that my vision will work out well. It looks beautiful in my head…

Curious? Come back tomorrow for the big “Ta-dah!” moment.


Yes! It’s the last swimming bag. I’ve finally managed to finish it.

The colours didn’t come out right in the photos. The purple fabric is a Kona solid, which is a little darker than in the picture. The red fabric is a deep red cotton/linen mix which was a dream to work with. I just completely loved the texture and feel of it and am so happy that I have some left over.

The appliqué fish was a silvery fabric I had in my stash. I believe it was used for a costume I made for our theatre group at uni. However, I cannot for love or money remember which play it was for. A sure sign of the passing time, isn’t it? Anyway, ramblings aside, the fabric has a lovely sheen to it and reminded me of sardines. Hence the longish body of this fish. There isn’t a lot of detail on the fish, which honestly was because I didn’t have the time. Looking at it now, I actually really like the simplicity of it. I feel a new trend coming on…

The eye of the fish are two buttons, a small blue one on top of a dark grey one. The brief for the bag was purple and red with a glittery fish and the letter “C”. As the fish is more shimmering than glittery, I thought I’d add a sequin “C” for the bling effect.

As with the two other swimming bags I added an inside pocket for goggles, hair ties and other bits and bobs.

In this picture you can also see the bright red zip that closes the bag. I used to be quite scared of zips before I got the “Bag Making Bible” by the lovely Lisa Lam. Her book is just so fantastic I cannot praise it enough. It is packed with tips and tricks for making fabulous bags and although I haven’t made one of the bags in the book yet, I cannot wait to find some time to make a bag for myself. I even have some fabric for the lining ready.


Cushion swap freak out

Oh, yes. Time flies when you are having fun or, in my case, are working on orders. I realised today that I only have one more week to go before I have to post my cushion cover for the cushion swap.

Hmm. Shall I let you in on a little secret? I haven’t started yet. I do have a few ideas spinning in my head and am now waiting for Tuesday when I have a whole day (ok, ok, five and a half) to work on it. Shall I let you in on another secret? I’m really excited about it on the one hand but really freaking out on the other (alright, that wasn’t really a secret, the title of this post gave that one away). What if my ideas don’t come together the way I imagine? What if the girl doesn’t like it? I’ve read her blog but it’s very difficult to really be sure what she likes and doesn’t. I suppose I will just have to go with what I believe she would like and make something that I love.

As I haven’t got anything to show you yet I’ll leave you with a picture of a random passion flower.