Hold the door, please!

A very good friend of mine celebrated her birthday this week and I thought long and hard about what I could give her. In the end I settled on making her a door stop. There’s usually a fierce wind blowing here in Cambridgeshire and doors bang all day every day. Gesine loves the colour orange and a little while ago I saw a rust coloured fabric that made me think of her. I bought half a meter thinking I would make her a bag. I didn’t. It was on my mind for ages but somehow it just didn’t happen. Luckily I remembered the fabric and was able to use it for the door stop.

I added the rose simply “because I can”. I love these fabric roses and was thinking of making three in different sizes and then let them tumble over the edge of the doorstop. Sadly I ran out of time (she says hanging her head in shame) as this was one of these last-minute gifts that I’m so well-known for. I really need to get more organised, embrace the Elizabethness in me.

Off I go then, to make more door stops and baby booties for the Christmas fairs that loom somewhere in the future and have a tendency to creep up on me. Please, stop laughing…I will be organised this year, honestly.

What’s in a name?

I wonder if I’m the only Elisabeth who doesn’t fit with the above description. For years I have been trying to be more organised, writing lists that I promptly lose, stacking papers in the order they should be dealt with, writing birthdays in my calendar….but I’ve still got a very long way to go. I do have a hidden talent, though. I’m ace at packing suitcases. That’s organised, isn’t it? Maybe I should start treating life as a suitcase?

Poised, me? Ha ha ha!

Confident I am not but I’m definitely better than I was when I was younger. I have found that both ups and downs can be great confidence boosters. Being mobbed by my boss and his mother, my failed Latin exam, fighting cancer, moving to a foreign country, the love of my family and friends and especially Master, travelling on my own and my crafting have all been boosting my confidence over the years. The biggest confidence booster, though, has been becoming a mum. I love it and I can feel like a lioness whenever I look at Little Miss Bossy-Boots.

Now I’m one of these lucky girls who has been blessed with two names. Look at this:

Please, call me Marie!