More Aprons

You might remember that I made an apron for one of Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ friends. Well, it resulted in an order. Two aprons for two sisters who were being christened last Sunday. I bought two co-ordinating fabrics, a gingham and a polka dot, so that I could mix them and make two aprons in the same colour way. I remember when I was a little girl my sister and I often got the same clothes or toys in different colours. My things were usually red or pink and my sister’s blue. I didn’t like it at all and wanted the same colour as my sister. With this in mind I used the same fabrics but in different combinations and with different embellishments. I’m really happy with them and I hope the two little girls will be too.

Charlotte’s apron is the same style as Freddie’s with a big pocket on the front which I embellished with some crochet flowers. I have to apologise for the quality of the photos. We only have a ‘point and shoot’ camera at the moment (saving up for the big one, though), add to this the fact that I took the pictures two seconds before I handed them over with no chance of re-shooting and you have some pretty lousy pictures.

I’ve had the lace at the top of the apron for years, waiting for the right opportunity to use it and I believe this was it. I embroidered Charlotte’s name in the same pink I used on one of the crochet flowers.

Mischa’s apron is in a lovely old-fashioned style. These aprons remind me of my grandmother but I’m not sure why as she never used one of these. I have a white one which I received from my mum and which I used in my cookery classes  in school. I still use it at Christmas when I bake biscuits with Little Miss Bossy-Boots.

I embroidered Mischa’s name on the cupcake and added a button instead of a cherry.

Now all I can do is hope that the girls love them.





On Saturday I had a f a b u l o u  s day. Master and I packed Little Miss Bossy-Boots and my sewing machine in the car and set off to drive all the way to Lowestoft. What were we doing there, you might wonder. Well, Master and Little Miss Bossy-Boots went to Africa Alive  while I was on the adventure of my life (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration). In fact, I was off to Patch Fabrics to participate in a workshop to learn how to make a Tumbler Cushion. I know, I know I could have done that down the road from me at our local quilting shop but not with Katy Jones from Fat Quarterly. I have been reading her blog, I’m a Ginger Monkey, for about a year now and when she posted that she was going to offer a workshop I just knew I wanted to do it. And I am so glad I did (even though my hands trembled from sheer excitement for the first half hour).

We were six ladies, all eager to learn how to make a tumbler cushion. I had picked two charm packs (Camden Market and Robert Kaufmann Kona Solids in Bright) and was soon busy cutting out my tumblers. Counting obviously isn’t my strong point as I realised, after I thought I had cut out all 35 of them, that I didn’t have enough and had to go back and cut another four. I found it a little difficult to choose my solids and was grateful for Katy’s suggestions. She picked a couple of colours I wouldn’t have gone for but I can see now how well they go with the others. Then came the fun part, arranging 35 different tumblers into a pleasing pattern. Being a complete novice in the quilting department I asked for Katy’s help as I was a bit stumped. All in all I did well but she suggested that I swap a couple of the solids with some of the patterned ones as they were clustered together. Katy took a picture of the arrangement to check that it was balanced which made it much easier to see.

Next we sewed the tumblers together into rows of seven before sewing the five rows together. I managed to sew two of my rows together the wrong way and thought I would have to unpick everything but luckily for me it wasn’t too unbalanced with the rows reversed and Katy suggested that I just keep going. Phew! After sewing all the tumblers together we added a border and quilted the cushion. I loved it. So calming. All I could think of were my lines. I enjoyed the process of cutting, arranging and sewing but the quilting took the biscuit. Yep, I’m hooked.

Sadly I had to leave before I could finish my cushion. We were running a little late, so when Master and Little Miss Bossy-Boots arrived to pick me up I had only just finished the quilting. As soon as I finish this post, however, I will be upstairs finishing off my cushion. Because I had to leave before getting all the tips and tricks on how to bind my cushion, Katy very kindly offered to email me a tutorial. I’ve just received it and I’m glad I got it as I would have done it differently.

Before I go and finish off my cushion I’ll leave you with a picture of the front of my cushion:


Bye bye, Lola!

I was really looking forward to having a few hours to myself today. Plans were made, a list was written, the first tutorial was to be finished but a telephone call the day before took the steam right out of me.

Two years ago we re-homed two cats, Charlie and Lola. Well, Lola is a sensitive little soul who gets very stressed out by other cats. Couple this with chronic cystitis and a tendency to pee in Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ room and you have an unhappy cat and unhappy parents. For two years we have been trying to make her life better and turn her into a happy cat. She is the most loveable, gorgeous cat you can imagine and we really wanted to be able to keep her. After the last peeing incident we contacted the shelter, explained the situation again (we had been in contact with them previously) and said that we thought that Lola should find a different, more stress-free home. They agreed and she was put on a waiting list. The day the telephone call came to tell us they now had room to take her in was very distressing but we knew we were doing the right thing. I packed her bed, her food, her toys, put her into the transport box and set her in the car. Then, Master got into the car to take her to the shelter. I was waiting for him to leave but he didn’t. After a few minutes he got out again and said that he couldn’t do it. We got Lola back inside, opened the box and let a bemused cat out.

The shelter offered to come for a home visit to see what we could do to improve her life and ours. Notes were taken, discussions were had and then came the phone call I was dreading. The experts thought it would be better for our little girl to be re-homed. We bow to their wisdom and tomorrow I will once again pack her bag and Master will have to find the strength to let Lola go.

We will miss you, Lola, but I hope you will have a wonderful life in your new home. Thank you for coming into our lives and into our hearts. We love you.