Happy New Year!

We have had the most wonderful Christmas with some great gifts:

Little Miss Bossy-Boots got a LeapPad. I suppose this had to happen when the head of the family is a geek 🙂

A geek who loves Marvel Comics and therefore received a pair of slippers for Christmas. Poor man, he was hoping for a gadget…

Aron got a singing duck that is already driving me round the bend. Luckily he doesn’t press on the squeaker too often.

I got a scooter. No pictures of it yet but I will show it in all its glory as soon as the weather is less miserable. Oh yes, I’m a fair-weather-scooter.

Enough of the past, I really wanted to wish you all a very happy New Year! I hope all your wishes and dreams for this year will come true.

I’m looking forward to more sewing adventures and (if everything goes according to plan) a move back to the Old Country. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you so much for dropping in!

All the best, Elisabeth

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everyone a lovely Christmas!

We have had a really relaxed Christmas this year. Little Miss Bossy-Boots didn’t wake up till 7.30am which was fantastic. After looking through our stockings we went downstairs to check whether Santa had been. Of course he had! We were all trying very hard to be good the last couple of weeks and we seem to have succeeded as this picture will show you:

No crafting today but I have a few projects I’m looking forward to make and show you soon. Thank you for reading my blog and see you soon!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Hello again. I feel like I’m finally back mentally as well as physically. Going home to Switzerland is really nice and I love seeing my family and friends. I usually get a few hours on my own to do a spot of shopping without Little Miss Bossy-Boots. Bliss.

On the other hand, though, I’ve found the last two trips hard as I miss my Dad. It takes me a little while to shake off the feeling of sadness that fills me but now I’m looking forward to Christmas.

Little Miss Bossy-Boots, Master and I went to get our Christmas tree on Saturday. Sunday morning the ‘girls’ had a decorating session.

As you can see our Christmas tree is very pink and purple. Want to guess who chose the decorations? I don’t mind. Christmas is for kids and if little Miss Bossy-Boots wants a pink Christmas tree then I’m happy to oblige.

We hung up our stockings as well.

I made the stockings two years ago and still love them. Master’s stocking is a very traditional stocking in red wool with a fluffy white cuff and an appliquéd snowman as well as his name. Here’s a close up of the snowman:

The hat was cut out from black waterproof rucksack fabric and the buttons are vintage Victorian buttons. I bought them years ago at an antiques fair and was just waiting for an opportunity to use them. The nose is a tiny cone that I made out of orange fabric.

Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ stocking is traditional, too. She doesn’t like it much at the moment because it isn’t pink but I hope that it will be a treasured heirloom one day (only kidding, if she’s still that much into pink next year I’ll probably make her a pink one).

I love the Rudolph the Reindeer’s shiny red nose.

Mine had to be finished in about five minutes as I made it on Christmas Eve and it was getting rather late. I painted my name on, slapped some hearts on with bondaweb and added some ribbons at the top. Nothing special. The fabric, however, is very special as it’s from the sixties and used to be one of my mother’s dresses. Love it.