Swooning again

First of all I have to apologise for my last blog post. I always say that a blog post without pictures is like toast without butter and there we have some very dry toast. There was supposed to be a picture but I hadn’t taken it yet. I wrote the post in the morning with the intention of posting later after taking a picture of my stacks of cut fabric and a bit of artistry when I hit the wrong button. Oh yes, I hit publish. I know I could’ve deleted the post and reposted it later but decided not to do it. Everyone makes mistakes and I believe that one should stand up for one’s mistakes.

Anyway, I finally finished cutting the fabric for my first Swoon block. I would have finished earlier but sadly I encountered a slight hitch. Two fat quarters are used for each Swoon block and not much is left after you’ve cut out your squares and rectangles. In fact there’s hardly anything left of one colour. Well, my fat quarter wasn’t quite fat enough and I wasn’t able to cut out three (!) rectangles. *Insert some choice words here*

Here’s the fabric that got away:

It wasn’t too bad in the end because this is a trial block. Being a beginner and reading about the difficulty level for this block I decided to use some fabric I won at a giveaway and some sheeting to make a cushion. Little Miss Bossy-Boots has already decided that it will be used for picnics. I’m happy with that.

This is part of my first Swoon block:

I’m really pleased with it. I have learned so much with this block so far and am really hoping that I can finish it today. Might be a tad difficult, though, as Little Miss Bossy-Boots is home with me today.

Swooning along

When Katy from Monkey Do (aka I’m a Ginger Monkey) asked if anyone wanted to join her Swoon-along my first instinct was to go “yes, I do!” Then reason hit me and I thought how can I even contemplate making a Swoon quilt with so little previous experience in quilting. So reason won. For about a week. Then I went and bought the pattern and started fretting.

Yesterday evening I finally decided that I’ve fretted enough, grabbed two fat quarters and started cutting. I’m going to make a trial block before I go and buy fabric for a whole quilt. The reason I decided to go for it are all the posts with tips and tricks that I read on the flickr group‘s pages. Yes, I’m new to this whole quilting thing but with that much support what can go wrong? A lot, I know, but I’m not scared. Ignorance is bliss after all.

Resolved to Sew

Very Berry Handmade has a fantastic giveaway going. All you have to do is tell the blogging world about your resolutions to sew for 2012. Well, I don’t really need a resolution to sew, do I? I sew as much as I can anyway but what I can have a resolution about is what I sew. So here goes:

1. I would love to make a big quilt for Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ bed. I’ve already bought the fabric (the same I used for the Tumbler Cushion) but just cannot make up my mind about what pattern to use. I will find a pattern and sew the quilt this year.

2. I would love to make a few things for myself. I haven’t made clothes for a long time and I think it’s time to go back to making myself some tops and dresses.

3. I would like to teach people to sew. When I helped my friend Delphine to make the bean bags for her children I had a fantastic sense of achievement (and so did she!) and was so proud of her. It felt good and I would love to help more people get into sewing. I’ve been thinking about getting another machine, one that isn’t as heavy as my Bernina, and either go to people’s houses with some fabrics and threads or have them come here to make some easy projects.

4. I really want to get the ball rolling with the Heart Pillows. Last year was rather difficult and quite a few projects were dropped. This was one of them and I’ve been feeling terrible because of it.

There we go. I’ve committed myself and it feels good. ┬áNow, all I’m supposed to do is pick one of the prizes in case I win. Very difficult as I like all of them, but I think I’ll go for the Kate Spain Fat Quarter Bundle or maybe the Fancy Moon voucher? Anything really, as they are all great prizes.

As blog posts without pictures are like toast without butter I’ll leave you with this lovely picture:

Boy + Girl + Dinosaur + Barbie = Lots of Fun

Aron’s Bed

A few years ago I made Aron a big bed to sleep on. He loved it and although I made covers that could be washed it started smelling a bit. The bed was too big to put in the washing machine so just before Christmas I decided to bin it. I was sure I could quickly sew a new bed for him but, alas, that didn’t happen till now.

I had been thinking about it for a while and decided to make a sandwich so that I could take off the top layer, wash it and put it back at the bottom, thus regularly washing one layer after the other. Well, you know what they say about best laid plans… they don’t always happen, do they?

I kept with my initial thought of three layers but now I have two thin ones, one on top and one on the bottom and a thick comfy layer in the middle.

They’re a bit scrunched up because Aron decided to lie on the bed just as I was getting the camera ready. The two thinner layers basically have a thick polyester batting that I sewed into the seam so it wouldn’t move when washed. The thick comfy “burger” is filled with polyfill and will soon become a bit thinner. At the moment poor Aron looks a little bit like the princess on the pea.

I didn’t have any nice fabric or fleece lying around this morning so I just chopped up one of Aron’s old blankets to make a cover. Because the bed is so high at the moment I added about two inches to the seam allowance to accommodate for the extra width. It was a bit much so the cover is too big. I’ll rectify that when I make the new cover. I just want the polyfill to settle a bit before I do.

Although he’s only had it for about 30 minutes, he loves it and I’m quite happy with it too. I just hope that the sandwich method will prove to work the way I imagined it.