Lucky me!

Look at what the postman brought me this morning:

Yes, that’s right. The loveliest pincushion ever. I was the very lucky winner of the Very Berry pincushion giveaway. That wasn’t the only thing I was sent though. I also got a recipe for Gingernuts (which will have to be made as soon as I get the chance to buy some treacle) and a little roll of scraps. I love those scraps; especially as I only have one of these fabrics in my stash (Denyse Schmidt’s Prairie Rose). All the others are new to me and I can’t wait to use them. This one is my favourite:

I don’t know who it’s by but I love it. Thank you so much, Ali!

A Swoony Ta-dah!

Yeah! I’ve finished my trial Swoon block and I love it. Ok, so some of the points went AWOL but that’s fine. I’m sure nobody is going to go and check my points once it has been turned into a big floor cushion to sit on during a picnic.

This is the fabric I’m going to use for the back of the cushion. After all I want it to be practical. I know Little Miss Bossy-Boots well enough to know she will be dragging it outside to play in the grass and on her climbing frame.

What I like most about this block is that this is not fabric I would buy; it’s just not “me”. My colours are all the blues, greens and greys but now that I’ve finished it I’m really happy with it.

I’m just not sure what to use for the binding. Any suggestions?