Another Tumbler Cushion

When I got ready to go to my tumbler cushion workshop with Katy last summer I bought two charm packs to bring. One was Camden Market, the other Happy Go Lucky by Nel Whatmore. In the end I chose to bring Camden Market as the cushion was going to be for Little Miss Bossy Boots and I’m so happy I did. The cushion has been sitting on her bed since and has been brightening up her room. As soon as I got home, though, I started on another tumbler cushion with my Happy Go Lucky charm squares.

I decided to make the tumblers a little smaller so that I would be able to cut out two from each square. Then I added some Kona solids, again from the charm pack that I took to the workshop. I was really happy with how it looked and went to find some fabric for a border. A lovely black cotton with tiny white polka dots was duly ordered and then deemed not right. So the tumblers just sat there until now when I decided that I wanted to finish it. I wasn’t sure how to quilt it but in the end went with straight lines in an aqua colour.

In the end I loved the colours so much that I discarded any thoughts of a border and simply pulled out some ticking for the back.

I inserted a zip for easy washing (you have to with a small child, cat and dog).

The cushion is 22cm x 36cm, not really a size that you find in the shops. However I had a 36cm x 36cm cushion filler that I was able to squish into it. Hey presto I have a very plump little cushion and I love, love, love it.

Name Tag

Despite being in bed most of the week with fever, nausea and diarrhoea I managed to finish the name tag for the Fat Quarterly Sewing Retreat! Funnily enough it looks nothing like I imagined when I first squiggled down some ideas. I’m happy with it and I just hope my partner will like it too.

I fussy cut a double decker bus, London cab and Union Jack from the “Cool Britannia” fabric that I bought especially for the retreat (I ordered mine from Claire at Patch Fabrics if you’re looking for it). Add to this a bit of linen and a crisp candy stripe and you have a combination that looks rather nice and very british. Are you wondering where the name is? Well, as it’s a secret swap I can’t show it yet but I can tell you that it’s embroidered in a dark blue stem stitch.

I couldn’t stop, though, as I really loved the combination of the three fabrics and made a pin cushion and zippered pouch as well. It’s a good thing I had to go and get Little Miss Bossy-Boots or there’s no telling what I would have sewn next.

Hope you have a lovelier weekend than us; it’s raining cats and dogs here.

A Mixed Bag

Hello! nice to see you here again. We’re back from our trip to Ireland which I have thoroughly enjoyed. It was incredibly relaxing with Grandma and Grandpa entertaining Little Miss Bossy-Boots most of the day. It gave me some time to do things on my own or with Master. We even managed to have a lovely anniversary lunch (7 years last Sunday) with some friends in Kelly’s Bar in Galway. We ambled through a tiny market in Galway where I bought some Echino and Far Far Away III fat quarters and just generally enjoyed some quiet time.

I also found the time to work on my hexagons in peace and quiet.

“Hexagons? I thought you said you were going to do octagons?” I hear you say. Yes, that was the plan but I changed it at the last minute. The week before Easter my friends Nicola and Vicki came over and we made five heart pillows. It made me realise that we have to somehow find the money to buy lovely fabrics to make them with. So far we have been using fabrics that we’ve had lying around and some stuffing that I bought for the first heart pillow I made. It’s ok for now but I really think that we need some cash to be able to buy materials such as bags to put the pillows in and cards to wish the women the strength to fight. I’ve decided to make a hexagon cushion in pinks and reds which I will donate for a raffle. I might find some more things to give away if I have a good look but I thought this might be a start.

Anyway, Ireland was lovely and we were even lucky with the weather. As an added bonus we were allowed to bring the dog and I very much enjoyed walking him along the river in Birr.

One day we even found a friend for him. Although all dogs are supposed to be on a lead there are quite a few dogs that roam freely. One day on our way down to the river we met a gorgeous white dog who followed us on most of our walk before going back home. It was lovely to watch the dogs running around and playing. They chased each other into the river and all around the field. Pure joy!

Sadly we had to return two days early as Master had to attend an important meeting at work.

Now that I’m back I want to make my partner’s name tag for the Fat Quarterly Sewing Retreat. I’ve had a great idea for it but I’m not sure that I can pull it off. I will have a go and if it doesn’t work out I’ll have to put my thinking cap back on. Pressure is on as I’ve seen a few name tags in the Flickr pool and they are gorgeous. On top of that the shipping date is the beginning of May so I really have to get a move on.

Rows of Colour

My English Paper Piecing Project is going really well. I’m enjoying it tremendously. It took me a while to get the final layout right, changing hexies around every time I worked on them. In the end, however, I managed to sew them into rows and yesterday evening I finished sewing together the rows of red, orange and yellow. I’m hoping that I will be able to sew the greens, blues and purples together tonight.

Then I’ll have to decide on the quilting and that’s where I’m still very insecure. I could, of course, follow the lines but I’d much rather be a bit adventurous. What should I do? I don’t think I dare do free motion quilting but otherwise I’m up for suggestions.