Pay it Forward

Two posts in one day? Gosh, I’m really going for it, aren’t I?

One of the lovely ladies I met in London at the Fat Quarterly Retreat is Di of Willowbeck Designs. In fact, I was in a swap with her and came home with the cutest pouch she’d made.

THere she is on the right. I’ve been reading her blog ever since and on Thursday she wrote about this game “Pay it Forward” where you have 365 days to make something handmade for three people. Those three people then have to do the same thing and send three handmade items to three other people and so on. Sounds like fun, right?

I just had to participate as I love getting handmade gifts.

What have I done?

Oh yes, I’ve done it again: I’ve signed up for Blogtoberfest 2012.

Don’t know Blogtoberfest? Kat fromĀ I saw you dancingĀ is hosting it this year so check out her blog post and sign up if you feel up for it. I had so much fun last year finding lots of new blogs and challenging myself to post something every day. I admit that some post were pure fillers with nothing to show or tell (and I may or may not have missed three completely) but I hope I’m better prepared this time round.

I have the “I’ve done this all before” feeling which will probably make me run around in a panic frantically searching for something to photograph and blog about. I apologise beforehand.

Right, I’m off to write a few blog posts. Ha, ha, just trying to give the impression I’m well prepared….


I thought I’d show you how far I’ve gotten with my Spring Carnival quilt. Sorry about the dodgy picture. The weather here has been quite depressing and I took this picture last night with my phone.

I took a little break from hand sewing to start a quick knitting project but have gone back to it now as my elbow and wrist don’t like me knitting for too long. Getting old, I believe. I will show you what I’m knitting once it’s finished and has been gifted to a certain lovely lady.

When I first started sewing the plan was to make a cushion in pink and aqua. Then I added a couple more colours and decided to make it into a lap sized quilt. Now, I’ve my mind set to go for as long as I have any of the black and white ticking left. If I’m lucky I might be able to turn this into a quilt big enough for a single bed.

My biggest problem, however, was to find enough scraps in my scrap bin for all the wheels. As I haven’t been quilting for very long, I don’t have a huge scrap bin but I needn’t have worried. First, an envelope full of scraps arrived from Helen and then, a little while ago, another one from Dianne.

The quilting community is just the best and I’m so glad I’ve met these lovely and very generous ladies.

More Sea Glass

Today I finally managed to finish the second bee block for Helen. I really loved the process of improv piecing and I can definitely see myself doing some more of it in the future.

The second block came together more quickly, I suppose because I (sort of) knew what I was doing. I used up all the Kona snow Helen sent but still have a few scraps of the green which I think could be Kona spring and some tiny squares of blue and turquoise scraps.

Here they are together. I can’t wait to see the finished quilt.