The End is Near

Wow, it’s the last day of October and the last day of Blogtoberfest. I’ve missed two posts (three last year!) which I’m a bit sad about but all in all it has been a lot of fun again. I’ve enjoyed discovering new blogs during this month, some of which have ended up in my reader. I’m not sure that I will continue to blog every day in the next couple of months but will try my best to keep it fairly regular. As I’ve said before I really enjoyed it.

The last day of October is, of course, also Halloween and I just want to show you what Little Miss Bossy-Boots and I created this afternoon. I realised that she didn’t have a bag for trick or treating (she has lots and lots of bags, just not a Halloween one) so I got out my orange and green fabrics and quickly made a “pumpkin” bag which she then decorated with the fabric marker I bought for our Bee’s siggy blocks.

Here’s a close up of the people she drew on the bag:

From left to right: me, Sarah (her best friend’s mum), Lily (her best friend’s little sister), Katie (her best friend) and Little Miss Bossy-Boots. We are all wearing witch’s hats except for Sarah who has curly hair.

The bag was quite full at the end of the evening despite a wet and miserable Halloween. I’ve “borrowed” some candy corn from it after Missy went to bed and hope she won’t remember she had two little packets….

Post from Australia!

I must have been an incredibly good girl lately as after the great emails I got yesterday I was blessed with two lovely packages in the post today. They both came all the way from Australia!

The first one was one of those really kind gestures that make your heart sing. A little while ago Trystan, maidentatters on Instagram, posted a picture of the cutest little pink scissors. When I told her how much I loved them she offered to send me a pair. Now how could I resist such an offer? They arrived today and they are so incredibly cute I can’t stop looking at them. However, that wasn’t the only thing Trystan sent me, she also included a lovely little box pouch in blue and white. It’s absolutely perfect to use for a hand sewing kit. I like to have a few as I usually have about three projects on the go.

Instagram photo

The second package was my Mouthy Stitches tote. The second I saw the name of the sender I knew which one it was and started whooping! Shocking Hocking did incredibly well, picking my favourite colours and making a fantastic paper pieced stars on one side and some patchwork on the other.

Love the little fussy cut deer, bird and car. The hand quilting is beautifully done.

The lining is simply gorgeous and there are three great pockets for my phone, tissues and a wallet. Not my keys as they will be put on the fabulous lanyard Kay sent as the key fob.

Swaps are always a bit daunting as you don’t really know if what you’ve made is going to be to your partner’s taste. Furthermore, you might not like what is coming your way very much. So far I’ve been lucky, I absolutely love this tote and am sure that I will use it a lot.


I missed another day of Blogtoberfest. I was so proud that I had made it so far without missing any posts and am a bit gutted that I’ve now missed two.

Anyway, today I’ve had three very happy emails:

1. I won a freebie over at the Green bag Lady. If you don’t know her yet hop over and read all about her fabulous crusade to get rid of plastic bags. I have one of her shopping bags which is always in my handbag and it has saved many a plastic bag from coming home with me.

2. Christina sent me the details of my two swap partners for the Christmas ornament swap. I haven’t started stalking yet as it’s Master’s birthday today and I’ve been baking biscuits and a cake. Tomorrow, however, is a different story and I will get out my sunglasses and trench coat.

3. I won the giveaway over at Lily’s Quilts. Chantal from Hyggeligt Fabrics of London, Ontario offered to give away the kit for Lynne’s Modern Blocks Oakshott Ruby shot cottons table runner and I won! I’m beyond excited about this one as I have one fat quarter of Oakshott that I’ve been hoarding/fondling, while waiting for the perfect project to use it in and now I get lots of lovely fat eights to play with.

I’m going to leave you with the present I made for Master, a tray for keys, cuff links and coins. It’s completely hand sewn and not perfect but I love it so much I think I might have to make another one for myself.


The Lurgy

The lurgy has found me: my head is heavy and my nose is stuffy. I can’t think of anything to write about. Sorry, but Blogtoberfest is going to get another filler post.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my half-finished bath mat.

As you can see my curves weren’t the most successful and I’m still debating whether it’s worth undoing the thing or just leaving it. After all we’re just going to step on it when we get out of the bath…

A bientôt!