May I have a quick little moan, please? For a while now I’ve been experiencing pains in my hip which have kept me from crafting and sleeping properly, hence the long blog absence. It’s only a niggle as long as I move but when I sit down it starts to hurt and seems to get worse as soon as I go to bed. Last week I was limping home from the school run and I thought “This is ludicrous, get yourself to a doctor, girl!” So I did and the diagnosis is Trochanteric bursitis or Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome as it’s now called. Apparently it’s quite common in middle aged ladies with slightly wider hips which, of course, makes me feel really good. Not.

Anyway there’s not much you can do as it’s one of those things that should go away by itself after four to six weeks. However, it’s a bit of a nuisance as I feel it most when I sit still which has made me avoid my sewing machine a bit. Not the best tactic as I’m planning on a mostly handmade Christmas.

Right, moan over. I have been sewing a little something which has been a real treat. I’ll tell you more about it at the end of the week but will leave you with a little sneak peek.

I will try my best to get back into blogging on a regular basis again as I have really missed it. More importantly I have lots on my to do list which I’m really looking forward to showing you. See you soon!

Progress Report

I don’t watch much tv but with the start of Strictly Come Dancing and I’m Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here I do sit down and watch a bit every night. Luckily I have my Spring Carnival, as well as Charlie and Aron, to keep me company.

You can’t see Charlie in the picture but he’s there, half hidden by my sewing. This is how far I got a couple of days ago.

It’s so much fun for me to look at the different rings with all their different coloured scraps. Lots of memories are already attached to this quilt and I’m sure there will be even more by the time it’s finished.



This year I decided not to have a stall at the two Christmas Fairs in our village and I love the fact that I don’t have to sew under pressure. Instead I took out the Blitzen by Basic Grey for Moda mini charms I got at the Fat Quarterly Retreat and started playing. I love simple patchwork cushions and that was what I wanted to make from it. For a while I tried different combinations but it was only when I took out all the red charms and substituted them for a green shot cotton that it started to sing to me.

The quilting is very wonky.

Now, I could say it was done on purpose but I would be lying. I need more practice to pull off FMQ (free motion quilting) but decided to go for it anyway. All in all I’m happy with the result despite the wonkiness. Please excuse the cat’s hairs, Charlie rather likes to lie right next to the sewing machine.

You may have noticed that I take most of my cushion pictures in the same corner. Have you ever wondered why you never really see what the cushions are placed on?

That’s why. Charlie uses the pouf as a scratching post. He also sleeps on it, hence the sheepskin and cushions. I have thought about re-covering it but how am I going to deter him from scratching it again? I think I might try making a lose cover and see how he copes with that. Anything’s better than this tattered disaster.



The fabric for October’s bee block of my bee Sew-Euro-Bee-An were sent out a little late. I didn’t want to be too late sending them back so I sat down on Friday to sew them both. The blocks are great fun to make and I think the finished quilt is going to look fabulous.

These two will be in the post on Monday (we had a very lazy day today) winging their way to….



I’m looking forward to November’s block as it involves a bit of Denyse Schmidt, one of my favourite designers.