Fabric, Fabric, Fabric,

I still owe you pictures of the other packages which arrived on Tuesday. The first was the one I was super excited about: The table runner kit.

I won this table runner kit from Hyggeligt Fabrics on Lynne’s blog Lily’s Quilts. The Oakshott Rubies are incredibly beautiful. The colours are luminous and rich and change according to the light. Absolutely stunning. You really have to see them for real to properly appreciate their beauty. Because they are so wonderful I have decided not to make a table runner but a wall hanging. I couldn’t bear seeing these fabrics all sticky and soaked in juice or milk something which most definitely will happen with a four year old in the house. I won’t be able to start on it till next week but that’s alright. It just means that I can fondle the fabrics a little bit longer.

The second package was from Eclectic Maker and contained some fusible fleece, a fat quarter bundle of Parson Gray fabric and some other bits of fabric which hopped into the basket all by themselves.

Master asked me to make him a bag for his birthday that’s big enough to transport his laptop. I decided on Parson Gray, designed by David Butler (Amy Butler husband) because I thought they would be nice and manly. I love them so much I want to keep them for myself but won’t, of course. I’m just waiting for some waterproof rucksack material before starting on the bag. I prefer doing it all in one go rather than a little here and a little there.

These are the fabrics that somehow made it into my shopping basket. Some LouLouThi Curated Bloom by Anna Maria Horner and some Gypsy Girl Diamond by Lily Ashbury for Moda. The first is supposed to be turned into a top for me (as soon as I get my overlocker) while the latter is going to be cut up into squares for a patchwork quilt in green, yellow and some pops of blue.

Don’t tell anyone but I ordered some more fabric today. I’ll show you what it is when it arrives in a couple of days.


Mirror, Mirror

Today was a brilliant mail day: three packages were delivered. However, I’m only going to show you one today. I ordered some little bits from Ali at Very Berry Fabrics again.

This time I ordered a little pack of scraps and some 5″ charms. I have no plans for them yet but I’m sure I’ll find a use for them.

Remember the Liberty cushion I made for my aunt? Well, you might remember that I loved it so much I was going to make another one for myself. I did. Although it’s not exactly the same:

You might wonder why I called it the Mirror, Mirror cushion. The HST (half square triangles) are arranged in the same order mirroring each other diagonally. It gives a more ordered look, I think. This one is staying with me although I have to go and buy an insert as I have none that fit it. I don’t understand why I keep making cushion covers that don’t fit on my cushions. Maybe it’s my way of giving myself reason to sew another one?


Tat, tat

Last week I got my two partners’ details for the Christmas ornament swap and started stalking checking out their blogs. One of them does a lot of crochet, the other one sews, makes cards and generally recycles and reuses materials. I’m very excited to make something for these two ladies.

At first I thought I would crochet something and started looking for free patterns on the internet. However, when I realised that one of the ladies is such a master crocheter (is that a real word?) I decided to do something else and got my tatting shuttles out.

I haven’t done any tatting in quite a while so I might do a little practice piece first.

A Nose for it

I got a brilliant gift for my birthday last month which I most definitely didm’t expect as I’d already bought my ticket for the Fat Quarterly Retreat. In fact, I’d asked for a broom but somehow that wish was ignored. What I got was much better than a broom it was a lens for my camera. A macro lens. Something I have been wanting to get since I bought my first SLR camera.

I think there will be quite a bit of playing and testing before I can say that I’ve mastered the close up. My models will surely agree.

Sweet, no?

That cute little face used to be completely black…