Plodding On

Well, I’ve been plodding on with my EPP for the Doll Quilt Swap and I love it more and more. I’ve appliquéd the flower onto the linen background and I think it really makes the colours pop. I had thought about adding a border but have decided not to as I really love the simplicity of it now. It’s going to be so hard to send it off at the end of the month.

EPP Flower

The colours are a lot brighter than those I usually have in my house but, oh my word, I love them.


PS I’ve already started another one…

Edited to add: The pattern can be found here.

Treasure Thursday

This week’s treasure is a cat.

Tania's Cat

My aunt Tania, who gave me my sewing machine, was a cat lover. She had real cats which she spoilt rotten and she had a cat collection. It was easy to get her birthday or Christmas gifts, all you had to do is get an unusual little cat. When she died I asked if I could pick out one cat from her collection to keep as a memento and the cat above was the one that spoke to me the most.

Tania's Cat

Just look at that little face. Who could resist? I have no idea where it’s from of who gave it to her which is a shame but with more than 1000 cats in all sorts of materials it would have been impossible to remember every one of them.

This little cat is about three inches high and lives on our bookshelf behind glass doors and I make sure that Little Miss Bossy-Boots doesn’t play with it. Today, however, I took it outside to take pictures and she (the cat, not the Miss) thoroughly enjoyed herself, even trying to hide behind some frozen moss.

Tania's Cat

You can see she’s not really used to playing hide and seek; I found her within seconds.

Bright Piecing

I have been busy cutting out shapes and choosing fabrics for the Doll Quilt Swap 13 which I’m part of. After seeing all the talent on flickr I went back to the drawing board. The sketches I had made didn’t really sing to me so I tried again and again to come up with something original that would make an impact. I failed. In the end I went on the internet and found this design:

EPP Flower for DQS13

It really spoke to me and after printing it out I went to the post office to get it enlarged to A3. They couldn’t do it quite as large as I wanted it so I went home and drew the design on some paper. This might be an easy job for most people but not for me. I drew, discarded and used many a swear word before I finally finished a drawing in the right size. I’m incredibly proud of this achievement and have decided that I’m going to make at least one other mini for myself, probably in slightly more subdued colours.

EPP Progress

Anyway, here’s how far I’ve come. I’ve used some fabrics that I bought on Instagram before Christmas and some Kona solids, Lakehouse Dry Goods black labels and linen from Simply Solids. My partner likes bright colours, text prints and linen and I’ve tried to accommodate all of those. The flower / star is going to be appliquéd onto a linen background. What do you think?

PS I’m having some real problems with my photos at the moment. They look in focus with nice bright colours in iPhoto but as soon as I upload them to the blog they become fuzzy and bland. Master won’t be home till the weekend but I hope he will be able to help me then. I do apologise for the bad quality of my pictures.

Edited to add: Although I searched for the origin of this picture at the time I couldn’t find who had designed it and where I could find the templates (hence the drawing and swearing). I have since found and purchased the pattern on Craftsy. If you would like to make this beautiful design you can buy it here.

Treasure Thursday

Today I would like to share another sewing treasure with you: My beautiful Bernina KL117.

Bernina KL117This model was built between 1938 and 1941. She’s built into a sewing table which is quite plain except for the intarsia measuring tape.

Intarsia Measuring TapeThe table isn’t in very good condition and the machine has had a few knocks but I don’t mind. After all she’s over 70 years old and being an industrial machine she’s been used a lot.  Sadly she doesn’t work but I’m hoping that I will be able to get her repaired one day.

I love the label.

Bernina KL 117

The reason she is such a treasure to me is because I bought her when I was at a real low point of my life. I was having chemo therapy which meant that I was incredibly tired all the time. Most days I didn’t go very far; a quick little walk with Aron was all I could muster. One day, however, my friend Anita called and asked if I wanted to go to the secondhand shop. Of course, I did. Everything was better than sitting around reading books I couldn’t remember a week later (A nice little side effect of the chemo. Makes buying books really cheap as you only need two which you can rotate). Anyway, I went and found the Bernina hidden away in a corner. Looking at her made me happy, getting her home made me even happier and now every time I look at her I can still feel the happiness bubbling up in me. She’s usually hidden away as her sewing table is the perfect height for sewing at and that’s where my other Bernina sits.

Sometimes, though, I get her out and just look at her…  and enjoy the happiness that fills my insides.