A Green Star

Every year Pantone chooses a colour of the year and this year they’ve chosen Emerald.   Ali of a²(w) has organised an Emerald Quilt Challenge over on flickr and after seeing many lovely green works of art I decided to enter as well.

Off to the drawing board I went (literally) and designed an EPP star.

EPP StarIt sparked quite a bit of interest on Instagram which I was rather surprised about. When I was asked to share the templates I decided that I will put the pattern on the blog as a free download. I’m just tweaking it at the moment to make sure every piece fits together nicely. I had a bit of a problem with the grey oblong hexagons (I’m sure they have a proper name) which are number five in the drawing. Hence the waviness in the last picture. I hope that it’ll disappear once it’s quilted.

Anyway, all greens can be used in the Pantone challenge although the focus should be on emerald green if possible. Furthermore, neutrals and one more colour can be added.

GreensI mostly used the greens I got in the Sew Solids Crew Stash Club and added just one polka dot print in the mix to lighten it up a bit.

ConfuciusConfucius to add a bit of wisdom.

Réalt GlasAnd a lot of grey to add some class. I like the way it has turned out. All that is left for me to do is appliqué it to the background, quilt it, bind it and enter it into the flickr pool. Oh, and pray that people like it…





Stellar Update

Hello! This week a lovely orange bundle of six fat quarters arrived on my doorstep, courtesy of the Simply Solids Crew Stash Club. I was feeling a little bit low due to missing a lovely meal in a lovely restaurant on Sunday so decided to cut into it straightaway. You might wonder what a meal has to do with sewing and the answer to that is…nothing. Sewing does cheer me up, though, so that was good enough for me to get the rotary cutter out instead of the duster and hoover.

Stellar OrangeA couple of hours later I had three bright orange stars to cheer me up. As mentioned before Stellar is a great free pattern on the Simply Solids website and although it was designed for the quilt-along I’m sure it would look just as great in patterned fabric or a combination of the two. I love making these stars and can’t wait for the March bundle.

Stellar PhotobombI think Charlie likes the stars too.



It’s Here!

My DQS 13 mini quilt arrived and I love it! This little beauty was made by Brenis (Hey Diddle Diddle Woolies on flickr) and came all the way from America.

Spider's Web

However, this wasn’t the only thing that arrived. Check this out:


The pouch is as adorable as it is practical and I simply love the Denyse Schmidt scraps destined for my Spring Carnival quilt.

Swaps are always a bit hit and miss but this time I have most definitely hit the jackpot.

DQS 13 Package



A Little Bit of Sewing

Last week my parents-in-law arrived to celebrate my father-in-law’s 70th birthday. It meant that not much sewing was done at the end of the week.

I did manage to sew the February Bee blocks for Pippa, which were really quick to make. The pattern is “Great Big Kiss” by Sew Me.

Great Big Kiss


I’m sure Pippa’s quilt will look great once all the blocks are put together.

I also managed to make a birthday present for our lovely neighbour Rebecca, who was celebrating her 21st birthday. I pulled out some of my Liberty Tana lawns and decided on a HST (half square triangle) heart cushion. I combined the Tana lawns with some Essex linen in linen for the front and a sage green and white polka dot print for the back.

Liberty HeartThis rather dodgy Instagram photo is the only picture I have of it as I forgot to take pictures before gifting it. Doh! I might see if I can get it back for five minutes and take some nicer pictures.

As I only used one HST of most print (I had to use two prints twice as I didn’t have enough different pieces that were big enough) I can make another one. I think I might have an idea how I can mix it up a bit. I’ll keep you posted.