Here we go! I’ve finally managed to scan in the templates for my EPP pattern which I have called ‘Athea’. Réalt Glas was made with the first set of templates. It was then I realised that I would have to re-work them as I literally had to shoe horn the grey pieces between the two green stars. This has made the inside star very pouffy. As this little mini was always supposed to live here with me, I didn’t really mind. However, when a few people asked me for the templates I realised that I would have to go back to the drawing board.

Réalt Glas Finished

Enter the Spring Version. I still had a little bit of an issue with a few of the pieces not wanting to slot in without a fight so I realised I would have to make another one. Enter a long ‘sigh’ at this point.

Réalt Glas and Spring

Voilà, Blossom! I really like how different the three versions are and I do hope that some people will use the Athea Templates. If you do, please show me your version as I’d love to show it off here as well.

Réalt Glas, Spring and Bossom

These templates were drawn by hand and are therefore not totally uniform. I do apologise for that and for the rather blurry picture of the pattern. Because I didn’t design the pattern with the intention of putting it on the blog I cut up the pattern sheet to make Réalt Glas. The only thing that remains is this blurry picture. You might think that I could have redrawn the pattern and you would be right but, to be honest, I’ve already spent so much time on this and have so many new ideas I want to explore. Furthermore, I’ve bought a wonderful app called TouchDraw for the iPad with the help of which I might even be able to give you templates that are accurate and all the same size. So think of Athea as a trial run.

Having said all this, if you do decide to have a go at ‘Athea’ and run into any kind of problems, please don’t hesitate to contact me (eli [at] sharksdinner[dot] com) and I will be happy to help you as best I can.

Click to download Athea.

Treasure Thursday

Today’s treasure is a tea caddy made by my lovely nephew many, many years ago.

Tea CaddyIt’s looking a little shabby now but there’s no way I’m going to get rid of it anytime soon. He knew that I liked sharks so he painted a fish and a swordfish.  The back is a bit more abstract.

Tea Caddy backI love it and I’m very lucky inasmuch that Master likes it too. So this little tea caddy is going nowhere.



Sewing Kit

My sister asked me quite a while ago whether I would make her a sewing kit similar to the one I had made Rebecca. The biggest change she wanted was a space for a crochet hook or two. Well, I changed quite a few things because Rebecca’s sewing kit was made specifically for a student who needs to be able to fix hems, sew on buttons etc. My sister’s was made with a crocheter in mind. I’m not sure if I got it right but at least it looks cute!

Kristine's Sewing KitI added a handle because I thought it would be easier to move from place to place, especially while holding a project. Furthermore, I turned the pockets around so that I didn’t need to put a flap over the crochet hooks to keep them from falling out.

Kristine's Sewing KitThere’s a big pocket for a tape measure and some thread (or a chocolate bar?), a linen square for needles and a small detachable pincushion on one side. On the other side there’s room for some scissors and four crochet hooks.

Detachable PincushionThe little pincushion is my favourite part, I think.

Crochet Hooks and ScissorsBecause the scissors kept sliding out I added a little tab that closes with a popper. There’s nothing worse than losing your scissors.

The sewing kit is on its way to Switzerland right now. I really hope my sister likes it and that it comes in handy whenever she’s working on a project.

I’m linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts’ Finish it up Friday and ticking another item of my FAL list.





Treasure Thursday

Today I’d like to show you something sewing related again: a needle case.

Needle Case

As far as I remember this one came from one of my mother’s friends. It’s only about 2″ long and only fits fairly short needles. I know nothing about it but assume that it’s fairly old. The needle case lives in my hand sewing box making sure I always have sharp needles at hand.

Needle Case