Snowdrops are a sure sign that spring is coming and I really love seeing them. So when a lovely friend of mine asked for contributors to make a quilt for the Snowdrop Festival I quickly agreed to help. I sat down after Christmas and appliquéd a snowdrop onto the fabric Trash (yep, that’s her name) had sent me. It wasn’t my first time doing appliqué but the first time I did nothing but appliqué and it definitely whetted my appetite. As soon as I’m finished with the two commissions I’m working on I’m going to embark on a needle turn appliqué project which I’ve already designed. Before I get ahead of myself would you like to see the snowdrop?


While I was stitching on the first leaf and the stem I suddenly thought it would be fun to actually make it a 3D snowdrop so I did the second leaf and the two outer petals in that technique. The snowdrop festival will be on soon and I’m looking forward to showing you pictures of the finished art quilt soon. I’ve seen pictures of it on Instagram and it looks fabulous.



Martha Again

I’ve started to sew Martha the Giraffe and I’m really upset. Despite having coloured in the templates and knowing exactly how I wanted her to look I managed to use the wrong fabric for her mane. I really wanted Martha to have a purple mane but instead her mane is orange. What a dimwit.

Martha's Head

She still looks cute but I just feel really disappointed with myself. I’m going to continue as I don’t think I have the patience to unpick her ear and the mane. I’ve added a different orange print for her inside legs and am hoping that that will help me love her again.

Or I might just unpick…..

Martha the Giraffe

The lovely Juliet (of Tartankiwi fame) asked who would like to test some of her latest patterns and although I have way too much to do at the moment I said ‘yes’ to testing the giraffe. So far I’ve only pulled the fabric for it and am pleased to report that it all came from stash except for the blue and white polka dot which I’m going to use for the background. I simply haven’t got any big cuts of fabric as I usually go for fat quarters so that I can have a bit more variety in my stash. I think I will have to start buying yards or at least half yards in future.

Fabric pull for giraffe

Even though I haven’t started sewing yet I can already picture the giraffe in my mind and have decided to call her Martha. Where Martha is going to end up I have no idea (I’m sure Little Miss Bossy-Boots will try to stake a claim) but I’m sure she’ll look pretty wherever that is.