A Busy Weekend

This weekend has disappeared in the blink of an eye. Little Miss Bossy-Boots was invited to two birthday parties and I don’t know how it happens as they only last for about two hours but they eat up half the day. She had lots of fun, though, and that is the most important.

On Sunday, we dropped Little Miss Bossy-Boots at her auntie and uncle’s for a couple of hours so that we could do a spot of shopping. I wanted to pop into the local fabric shop and just very quickly pick up some fabric. Well….

The shop employs lots of youngsters who most definitely lack any kind of enthusiasm for their weekend job (there are some exceptions but we missed them yesterday). I suspect the young lad cutting fabric was a bit hungover. The lady before me had a bolt of fabric and asked how much it cost per metre. The lad checked the price on his little machine and replied £3.99 which was a really great price for a deco weight fabric, so she jumped at it and bought 10 metres. As she checked the price label he’d stuck on the roll after cutting her fabric – very slowly I might add – it said £87.90. Now, I’m not great at maths but even I realised that 10 x £3.99 does not add up to £87.90. The lad re-checked the price and said: “Sorry, it’s actually £8.79, I thought it was £3.99.” Meanwhile the queue behind me was getting longer and longer. Master went off to do a spot of man-shopping while I stayed there for about another 30 minutes before a second person appeared to serve me.

Now, this gentleman has been working in the shop at least since I moved to England because I’ve always seen him in the shop and I absolutely love him. He takes proper pride in his job, folds the fabric beautifully and is so polite and friendly it’s a joy to buy fabric from him. After yesterday’s experience I decided that I want to let the shop know just how much I appreciate his manners and am going to write a letter to them later today.

Anyway, the fabric I got in the end is for another little bag. This time it’s for an eight year-old who’s birthday is at the end of the week.

Very wrinkled, I know, but I always prewash fabrics when I use them for children’s bags as they can then be washed without shrinking and getting out of shape. I haven’t ironed this fabric yet, it will look much better once it’s ironed, I promise. I’m using this fabric as the lining and for some accents on the bright pink fabric I’ve chosen for the bag. Hopefully, I will be able to show the finished bag very soon!

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