A handy pouch

A little while ago I made myself a handy pouch to keep my hand sewing kit in. I love hand sewing and get a little annoyed when I have to search for the right needle, thread, small scissors and thimble. Always wondering who moved them and always realising that it was me, myself and I….

I pulled out one of my favourite fabrics (Denyse Schmidt’s “Hope Valley”) in a lovely bright chartreuse, a few bits from Nel Whatmore’s “Happy Go Lucky” line and a purple zip and made myself a zippered pouch in which to keep my hand sewing stuff.

The lining is a patchwork of Nel Whatmore’s lovely fabrics.

Did you also notice the little thingybobby for my scissors? I couldn’t leave it rattling about in my pouch now, could I?

The flap at the front is actually for needles. I could, of course, have added some felt as well but didn’t want to hide the lovely flower. At first I only had the one button to keep the flap up but soon realised that the corners kept catching on things, especially when I had the pouch in a bag. I added the two poppers to make sure that I don’t lose any of my needles.

Now, the pictures aren’t the greatest as the weather here is really grey and horrible. It just shows me that I should remember to take pictures when the sun is shining. I hope you have lovely weather wherever you are.

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