Another Bag

Just before Christmas I had a request to make a bag for a little girl as a Christmas present. I delivered the bag on Christmas Eve (oh, yes, it was a bit of a tight squeeze but I managed) but in the rush I completely forgot to take pictures of it. Maybe Charlotte’s mummy will take a picture or two for me if I ask very nicely.

Anyhoo, that bag led to another order and this time I didn’t forget to take pictures!

I used my messenger bag pattern (the Jacqui Bag, as I call it) to sew it. The outside fabric is a really lovely denim while the lining is Gryffith Butterfly by Alexander Henry Fabrics.

There are two pockets for the mobile phone, keys or other things and one for a pen.

As for the name, I went for the slightly rougher looking free motion sewn/embroidered look. I had a lot of fun with the name but also one of the most embarrassing situations ever: I miss-spelled the name! I had been practicing writing “Sarah” without setting my pen down the day before but wasn’t quite sure about it. In the end I decided to go for every letter individually. I sat down at the machine did a few practice letters to see how I liked it and to get in the flow. Then I wrote the name with an air erasable pen and started sewing. I was happy with the look of the name and proceeded finishing the bag. I didn’t have time to sew on the butterflies but thought that was a quick job which I could do the following day. Luckily, I showed Master the bag before calling Alison to tell her the bag was finished as he commented on the funky spelling: S a h r a.

Mortified, I took the bag apart again and redid the name. Catastrophe averted, phew.


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