Now, I could bore you with more pictures of Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ room but I won’t because today our lovely postman brought me a package I was waiting for.

Last week I got an email from a lovely lady asking if I could make a bag for her daughter’s birthday. Of course I can. We checked out FabricRehab‘s website to find fabric for the lining and found this:

This is Griffith Butterfly by Alexander Henry and I snapped up the last two units. The bag itself will be made in denim and I think this lining is going to look lovely with it.

However, once Alison had left I couldn’t help but browse a little bit more and found these:

A lovely print by Kokka,

Alphabet Soup Boy by Riley Blake,

a Polka Dot Bundle

and, the piece de resistance,

Heron by Could 9 Fabrics which is 100% certified organic cotton. I am so in love with this fabric. I have no idea what I’m going to make with it but it will definitely be for me. And it won’t be used as lining in a bag, no I want to be able to admire it all day every day. Any suggestions as to what I could make with it?

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