Here Kitty!

I’m sorry I missed a blog post for yesterday. My day started at 5.20am when Little Miss Bossy-Boots woke me up and the early start turned me into a brainless zombie. I couldn’t even get myself to go anywhere near the computer. Hopefully it’ll be a one off.

Little Miss Bossy-Boots started pre-school again a few weeks ago and I had promised her a new bag and lunchbox. We went into town and picked out a new lunchbox, Minnie Mouse this time. She insisted on getting a matching plastic Minnie Mouse bottle and I gave in even though she has lots of good quality aluminium bottles which I think are easier to keep clean. It is nice to start the year with all new things, though, so I let her have the bottle too.

The bag, however, was always going to be made by Mummy. Last time I was in Switzerland I picked up some pink twill and light pink “Hello Kitty”cotton fabric. I also picked up a pink ribbon with an Argyle pattern in the same colours as the “Hello Kitty” fabric. I made a messenger bag with flap (the pattern is one that I have made numerous times before; quick and easy) and inside pockets for all the small stuff. I even made one for a pen in the hope that she will keep this bag for a while.

The little outside pocket is for her lunch money.

The embellishments on the flap were all chosen and placed by Little Miss Bossy-Boots. It’s a little busy for me but she loves it. She placed all the buttons on top of the ribbon except one which made me laugh. It seems so random but I’m sure she had a reason for it. When she went through my buttons she took out about 40 pink and purple buttons (oh yes, I have lots and lots and lots of pink buttons. I have no clue as to how they made it into my house. Honest!) In the end, however, she only went for a few and only one glittery one which surprised me no end.

Little Miss Bossy-Boots loves her new bag and I’m sure part of it is the fact that she had total control over the ribbon, appliqué and buttons. I have high hopes that she will one day sit next to me on the sofa crafting.

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