Upside Down World

Today I brought Little Miss Bossy-Boots to pre-school as I do every Monday. Then I decided to ignore the housework and sit down to do some sewing instead. Ok, I admit it, I do that every Monday too. Anyway, I sat down to sew a bag for my mum.

I love making bags but ironing on the interlining is not my favourite job, so instead of doing it I procrastinated by sewing a zippered pouch. I took the lovely Echino bird print and made a pouch. It looks wonderful…

….on one side. The other side is a bit upsetting.

Yep, I’ve got an upside down bird here. Luckily this pouch was always meant for me so I’ll get a good chuckle every time I use it. That must count for something, mustn’t it?

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