Wet Wipes

Ever since Little Miss Bossy-Boots was born we have been lugging wet wipes around. First in combination with nappies of course but now just on their own. They are so handy for wiping mouths, hands and noses. Somehow the wipes always end up at the bottom of my bag (“The Bag from Hell” according to Master). As I was reading Kleine Fluchten, one of the German blogs I follow, I saw a really handy bag for wet wipes with a handle so that you can take it with you, hang it off the buggy handle or anywhere else you need it. Yesterday I decided to make one for our wipes. So quick and easy. I love it!

I had to make the bag bigger as our wet wipes are a little bit bigger. Furthermore, you might notice that I put the handle on the wrong side of the zip. That was not done on purpose but simply happened because I did not follow the tutorial but made the bag from memory. It would be easier to open the zip if I had the handle to hold on to but it isn’t a huge problem. Just a little oversight that I will remedy when I’m making the next one. Because I’m fairly sure that I will be making a few more. One for the car, one for the kitchen, one for…..



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