Middle Ages

Oh no, I’m not talking about myself, I don’t quite fit in that category yet. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.


I found this book in the charity shop for £1 and just had to buy it. I studied Medieval English language and literature and love everything about the Middle Ages. Furthermore, I enjoy a little embroidery from time to time and some of the projects are quick and very cute.

My main reason for buying it, though, was that I could see some lovely quilt blocks in the making; the spectacles case above, for example, or the heraldic roll below.

I have absolutely no time to even think about another project but I just couldn’t leave the book. I suppose it will be popped on my long list of future projects.


Many moons ago I embroidered a little bunny rabbit called Hester designed by the lovely Jo Avery from Bearpaw. She then stayed  in the hoop I used while embroidering her. The hoop was a bit big but when I saw Nicole from Follow the White Bunny’s little tutorial on how she frames her embroideries in hoops I decided to give it a go. Far too impatient to go and buy a smaller hoop I used the one I had.

Sorry for the dark photo. It was taken at night seconds before I took Hester out of the hoop.

Poor Hester looked a bit lost. So off I trundled and bought a smaller hoop. This afternoon I re-hooped (is there such a word?) Hester and am so pleased with the result. Now all I need is a little nail to hang her on the wall of my sewing room.

And the back:

A Rescue and a Finish

What do you do when your daughter’s favourite Barbie loses a leg? You turn her into a mermaid, of course.

I used some red organza leftover from the days when I made theatre costumes at uni. It has a beautiful golden sheen, perfect for making a fish tail.

First I layered the organza with some sew in interfacing and sewed a scallop pattern all over it to mimic scales. I didn’t do a great job but I don’t believe Little Miss Bossy-Boots minds. Then I cut out a mermaid tail shape (is there such a word in the English language?), added a heart shaped fin, sewed it together and turned it right side out. Next I removed the Barbie’s second leg and attached a pipe cleaner to the Barbie to ensure the tail could be moved into different poses. Then I put the pipe cleaner into the tail and added a little wadding to fill out the tail. My last step was to pull the tail over the Barbie’s bottom and hot-glue the tail to the Barbie’s body. Hey presto, a mermaid.


In other news Hester, the gorgeous Woodland Portrait by Jo Avery from Bearpaw, is finished!

I wish I’d had a darker blue floss for the name as it is rather difficult to read but it’s not the end of the world. Also, I don’t think this Hester is going to be alone for long, my friend Julie looooves rabbits so one might just make its way to Switzerland…

Hester and Elisabeth, a love story

When I was preparing for the Fat Quarterly Retreat I saw something on Flickr that made my heart do little summersaults: Hester.

Image source

Hester was one of the swap items that Jo from Bearpaw was bringing to the retreat and I was totally smitten with her (that’s Hester not Jo, although Jo is very nice too). Don’t get me wrong, I loved the others embroideries Jo had made too but Hester made my heart flutter.

I told Jo about my love for Hester and she said that she might turn her and the other woodland creatures in the gang into a pattern. Fast forward to yesterday when I got a Tweet from Jo telling me that Hester was now a pattern and could be purchased here. Quick as a flash I bought the pattern (I love pdf) got Little Miss Bossy-Boots fed, watered and into bed and started stitching.


This is how far I got before I had to go to bed. I don’t have the same colours Jo used but I couldn’t wait and just rummaged through my fairly sparse box of embroidery floss. So far I’m really happy with it and am looking forward to this evening when I will hopefully finish her.

Do you like Jo’s Woodland Critters? Then go and check out this wonderful blog for a chance to win one of the patterns and some perle cotton.


PS I also bought the pattern for the Sampler Tree and already have something in mind for it. I do have to go and buy some embroidery floss first, though.