CurvesI know a lot of people are scared of sewing curves but I’m having a great time with some curvy piecing. This is a commission for Quilt Now! so I can’t show you more.

However, I can tell you that I’m going to use this pattern for my fat quarter bundle of Florence by Denyse Schmidt. As soon as I find a few minutes of spare time that is…


With all the hand sewing I did last year I started having problems with my thumb. Sewing was hurting quite badly so I decided to take a break and use a splint for a few weeks to give my thumb a good rest. I’m now almost three weeks into my rest period and I miss sewing so badly. For the first time in years I’ve actually felt bored a couple of times. The nice side effect is that I’ve already read three books and am about to finish the fourth one.

Having said all that I felt a very strong urge to sew, so I decided to have a go at garment sewing again. Last year I bought the Joni pattern from Leanne’s Etsy shop TheLittleHouseMartin. I’d been meaning to sew up a muslin ages ago but with all the quilting I was doing I didn’t. Last week I got out a big piece of Ikea fabric and started cutting. I compared all the measurements and realised I could do with a size 10 at the top but would need a 14 at the bottom (being pear shaped is no fun). I added 4 cm to the size 10  back and front piece and decided to sew a fold rather than a gather.

Joni Top

The front and back are exactly the same which is quite nice as you can wear both sides as the front. This one is very light with lots of white, the other side has more flowers and leaves on it and is very colourful. As I never wear a sleeveless top without a cardigan it means I have two different looks in one.

Joni Top

The neck line is very flattering, I think, and I’m looking forward to making another couple of tops for spring. I might just add 1 cm to the top to give me a little more room although I love this one so much I’ve worn it, washed it and put it on straightaway again.

The pattern gives you the option of making a top or dress and I think I may just make a dress for summer when Little Miss Bossy-Boots and I like to go to the swimming pool and I need something I can slip on and off easily. I have a lovely red and white polkadot fabric lying around which would be perfect.

A LOUD Birthday Present

It was my sister’s birthday on the 6th and, although we agreed ages ago not to give birthday gifts anymore, I made her a bag. I had already made her one earlier which she loves (no pictures as it was one of those finished-seconds-before-gifting projects)  However, after using it she thought it would be even better if it was a little taller so her knitting doesn’t fall out.

When I was at the Fat Quarterly Retreat I bought some Cotton & Steel with lions on which I knew I wanted to use for the bag.

Cotton & Steel

Then I remembered some laminated Amy Butler fabric that I thought would work well colour wise. It wasn’t quite the match I had hoped for but I liked it together nonetheless. I added a very bright blue lining with neon green, pink, purple and white dots and some bright green handles.


It ended up being a very LOUD bag. It shouts LOOK AT ME and I really like it despite the clashing colours and patterns. Or maybe because of them?

Kris's Bag

I will give it to her with the words: “If you don’t like it I’ll make you a different one.” Because I’d be very happy to keep it.

A Little Bit of Green

I have signed up for another swap despite vowing never to enter a swap ever again after the last one’s disappointment*. Anyway, I couldn’t resist the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap and signed up. My partner likes green so I’ve hunted down almost every green scrap I own (ok, who am I kidding, about half of them) and have cut half circles in three different sizes. 40 different fabrics have been used and I still have more if I need them. I’ve always known that I like greens but didn’t realise that I had quite that many different ones.

40 half circles

Now all I have to do is appliqué them onto the low volume background. I may be a while.


*I wasn’t in the least disappointed in what I received; oh, no, I absolutely love the mini I received and enjoy looking at it every day as it’s hanging on my sewing room wall. No, it was the fact that after sitting for hours hand sewing and really putting my heart in it my partner didn’t even say ‘thank you’ or let me know that the parcel had arrived.