Crochet Butterflies

I was bumbling about the internet looking for a pattern for a crochet bird when I happened upon some lovely butterflies by Little Birdie Secrets. They are so easy to make but very effective and I decided to crochet a few to put on some hair clips:

As you can see I also made some flowers but I think the butterflies are much cuter. I did change the pattern a little (I often do).  Here is my version of the Teeny Tiny Butterfly pattern:

Ch = chain stitch;  sl st = slip stitch;  dc = double crochet

Ch 4; sl st into first st to form a ring.

Ch 2; 3 dc into ring; ch 2; sl st into ring.

*Ch 1; 2 dc into ring; ch 1; sl st into ring*. Repeat twice.

Ch 2; 3 dc into ring; ch 2; sl st into ring.

Fasten off and create abdomen and antennae by wrapping a thread around the middle of the butterfly twice. Tie a knot and snip ends.

As you can see the changes are minimal. I start with one top wing then go to the lower wings making them a little smaller by only crocheting 2 dc instead of 3 and ending with another top wing. I just found that my butterflies became more symmetrical like this.

Little Miss Bossy-Boots loves them and I have made a few to add to a pink and sparkly bag she has asked for.

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