These last few weeks have been difficult as I’m struggling with the most horrendous cold. It’s still with me but I can feel that I’m going to be back to normal again soon. Despite not feeling well I’ve been trying to get some sewing and crocheting done as I have a stall at my daughter’s Christmas Fayre. Let’s just say it might be quite empty….

On Sunday, Little Miss Bossy-Boots wasn’t feeling well so I sat on the sofa with her in the afternoon watching not one but TWO films. I can’t just sit there doing nothing and as I’d finished my scarf by then I decided to crochet some hearts and snowflakes.

The snowflakes are a free pattern by Lucy from Attic 24. If you haven’t discovered her yet, please, do hop over and have a look; you won’t regret it, I’m sure. I love her blog and I love all her colourful crochet projects. Her Blooming Flower Cushion is on my to-do list and I’m really hoping to get some hooky time in over the holidays.

BTW if you’re wondering what I’m going to make with the gazillion snowflakes I’ve crocheted already come back later…

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