Cushion Swap

I am soooo incredibly excited! Why? Because I’ve entered my first crafty swap!

Vic from “Punky & Me” has organised a cushion swap and I’m in it. I received my email this morning with details of who I’m making a cushion for and I’m really, really excited. Of course, I’ve checked out the lovely lady who is going to be the recipient of my cushion. As soon as I entered the swap I started thinking about what I would like to make and I admit I had a design in my head. Well, I’ve decided to scrap it after I saw what the girl in question makes. She embroiders beautifully, so I’m not going to send her something that she could make far better than me. It’s back to the drawing board for me.

It’s ok, though, I have time till the end of May before my cushion has to be sent all the way to Australia. Australia! Have I mentioned before that I’m really excited about this? I think I may have.


Hmmm, maybe I should get my tatting shuttles out….


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