Cushion swap freak out

Oh, yes. Time flies when you are having fun or, in my case, are working on orders. I realised today that I only have one more week to go before I have to post my cushion cover for the cushion swap.

Hmm. Shall I let you in on a little secret? I haven’t started yet. I do have a few ideas spinning in my head and am now waiting for Tuesday when I have a whole day (ok, ok, five and a half) to work on it. Shall I let you in on another secret? I’m really excited about it on the one hand but really freaking out on the other (alright, that wasn’t really a secret, the title of this post gave that one away). What if my ideas don’t come together the way I imagine? What if the girl doesn’t like it? I’ve read her blog but it’s very difficult to really be sure what she likes and doesn’t. I suppose I will just have to go with what I believe she would like and make something that I love.

As I haven’t got anything to show you yet I’ll leave you with a picture of a random passion flower.

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