This morning I brought Little Miss Bossy-Boots to school, came home to take the dog out and quickly walked into the kitchen to find his ball (no idea how it got there!). I looked at my cooker and thought: “Wow, it’s really dirty”. As I started cleaning the cooker, the dog completely forgotten, a drip nearly ended on my nose and when I looked up I had the shock of my life. The ceiling was bulging and dirty water was dripping down on my cooker.

I called the plumber who came within about ten minutes (he’s a friend!). He took the plasterboard down and started looking for the leak. Nothing. I flushed the toilet, ran the bath and sink taps. Nothing. I now have a big hole in my ceiling that I have to check every now and then.

Not a good start to the day. However, it got better once the postie had been: An envelope full of Liberty squares and a mini bundle arrived from the lovely Ali from Very Berry Handmade. She has a little shop on Folksy and specialises in Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics. Just check out how cute those packages were:

I can’t wait to try that recipe for Ginger Scrunchies. They sound delicious.

Would you like to see what was in those cutesy parcels?

The mini bundle that was on offer on Monday and

these lovely 4″ squares.

Psst, don’t tell her but these fabrics were ordered for my aunt who told me that the cushion cover I had made for my grandmother about 20 years ago has ripped. The plan is to pair the Liberty with Essex linen and make some HSTs.

As soon as I’ve sorted my kitchen ceiling out.


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