A new beginning

Little Miss Bossy-Boots is incredibly excited. And so is her mummy. Because today the work on her new room has started. When we moved into this house she was eleven months old and still in her cot so we put her in the smallest room.

Now that she’s a big girl and in a big bed she really needs more space. Her little bookshelf is overflowing and her toys are in boxes under the bed. Yesterday I emptied her room and the space outside her room and as I’m typing this the wall is being pulled down. Check out the before photos:


Grotty carpet, jungle blind and Winnie the Pooh lamp will soon be gone.

This was the wall. Little Miss Bossy-Boots asked for the new wall to be pink so we got some tester pots and painted squares on the wall.

This is the obsolete cupboard and space outside her room which used to house the boiler and will be integrated into the room. Curious cat is optional.

I am so excited about this project and can’t wait to get my sewing room back to make a bean bag, some cushions and other girly things for this room. Check back tomorrow for pictures of the room without a wall….

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