Another Apron

My friend Delphine asked me to make another apron as a birthday gift. I made two aprons for two little girls last year and they were greatly admired by one of Delphine’s friends. She therefore decided to order one for young Charlotte in the same fabric as the two I made before.

I have to apologise for the pictures, they were taken two seconds before Delphine left with the apron. Yep, once again I forgot to take pictures before collection….

I love the little crochet flower which I made up on the spot.

The pocket with the embroidered name “Charlotte” almost drove me round the bend. I usually use an air erasable pen to write the name I want to embroider. It makes it easy to follow the lines and is mostly gone by the time I’m finished. Well, this time I got out my pen and it didn’t work! I’d used it only a couple of days earlier and it worked fine. Panic set in as I realised that I wouldn’t have the time to go and get a new one before I had to deliver the finished apron. In the end I just winged it. It might not be perfect but does handmade have to be perfect to be special or loved?

On a completely different note, I’ve been struggling for the last couple of weeks as I’ve been in a bit of discomfort after a minor car accident. The doctor has confirmed today that I suffer from whiplash. It’s not bad but does mean that I can’t sit at the sewing machine or computer for too long. I’m therefore really looking forward to starting my new EPP project. Hopefully my fabric will arrive soon. Meanwhile I’ll just go and cut out some more octagons.

We’re off to the local school’s Easter Fete today. Hope you have a lovely weekend!


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