Another Bean Bag and a Cushion Cover

My friend Delphine was here yesterday to make another bean bag; this time for her little boy Tristan. His birthday is two days before Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ and as her children have been fighting over the first bean bag she made (with a little help from yours truly) for Charlotte, she decided to make a second one.

While the children were playing and Delphine was busy with the bean bag I thought I’d sneak in some work on my cushion cover for the swap. I only have till Monday before I have to send it off and I’d prefer to send it off a little earlier. I had a gigantic freak out a few days ago when I realised how close the deadline was. Imagine how I felt when I had a little peek at the cushions that have already been sent off by the other members of the cushion swap and I saw one that was incredibly similar to the one I had planned to make. Change of plan. Well. That was after having a major wobbly in the privacy of my own home. Luckily inspiration hit me again and I’m really hoping that my vision will work out well. It looks beautiful in my head…

Curious? Come back tomorrow for the big “Ta-dah!” moment.

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