Little Miss Bossy-Boots has a lovely apron my mother bought her a while ago. It’s red and has a picture of “Charlie and Lola”. We love the tv series and have quite a few of their books. In fact their books are some of Little Miss’s favourite goodnight stories. Anyway, the problem with this apron is that the loop that goes around the neck is just way too long. The top of the apron ends up somewhere around her belly button and I keep thinking that I should do something about it. Well, this post is not about me dealing with the apron in question but about me sewing a new apron.

I was going to sew one for Little Miss Bossy-Boots but ended up making one for her little friend Freddie first. It was his birthday last week and I really wanted to make something for him. Whenever I look at pictures of him there always seem to be a few of him baking with his Mummy. Hey presto, birthday gift sorted. I pulled some fabric from my stash and ended up with this:

I love it but then I should, shouldn’t I? After all, I made it. I hope that Freddie will like it too. The ties have orange “tips” because I wanted to use a bit more of the orange fabric. Because of the problem we have with Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ apron, I decided to use two D-rings for the loop around the neck. I like this system as it means that the loop is fully adjustable.

I had to bribe Little Miss Bossy-Boots to model the apron for me. Ice cream! We did, however, take off the apron before eating it…

She did enjoy her modelling session in the end and I have a couple of lovely pictures of a grinning girl. That’s quite something as she doesn’t normally like having her photo taken and looks down on most of them. I have countless pictures of the back of her head and they are wonderful but it is nice to get a smiley face from time to time. I’m just sorry you won’t be able to enjoy it as I’ve decided not to put pictures of her on this blog.

Little Miss Bossy-Boots is now desperate to get her own apron made. It has to be pink, of course, and I have lots of pink fabrics in my stash. However, I bought some tea towels I really loved, one pink gingham and two flowery ones. Three tea towels for £4 were such a bargain, I couldn’t NOT buy them. Once again, I have a few alterations to finish before I can get stuck into the apron properly. But, hopefully, she’ll have it by the weekend.

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