Aron’s Bed

A few years ago I made Aron a big bed to sleep on. He loved it and although I made covers that could be washed it started smelling a bit. The bed was too big to put in the washing machine so just before Christmas I decided to bin it. I was sure I could quickly sew a new bed for him but, alas, that didn’t happen till now.

I had been thinking about it for a while and decided to make a sandwich so that I could take off the top layer, wash it and put it back at the bottom, thus regularly washing one layer after the other. Well, you know what they say about best laid plans… they don’t always happen, do they?

I kept with my initial thought of three layers but now I have two thin ones, one on top and one on the bottom and a thick comfy layer in the middle.

They’re a bit scrunched up because Aron decided to lie on the bed just as I was getting the camera ready. The two thinner layers basically have a thick polyester batting that I sewed into the seam so it wouldn’t move when washed. The thick comfy “burger” is filled with polyfill and will soon become a bit thinner. At the moment poor Aron looks a little bit like the princess on the pea.

I didn’t have any nice fabric or fleece lying around this morning so I just chopped up one of Aron’s old blankets to make a cover. Because the bed is so high at the moment I added about two inches to the seam allowance to accommodate for the extra width. It was a bit much so the cover is too big. I’ll rectify that when I make the new cover. I just want the polyfill to settle a bit before I do.

Although he’s only had it for about 30 minutes, he loves it and I’m quite happy with it too. I just hope that the sandwich method will prove to work the way I imagined it.

One thought on “Aron’s Bed

  1. Sengen ser bare deilig ut.Skulle gjerne tatt meg en hvil,ved siden av Aron. En god klem til han ,fra tante Ia.

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