Fairies and Lilac

Master, Little Miss Bossy-Boots and I duly went to the fabric shop to buy some fabric for the bean bag. I had visions of crisp stripes, funky dots or a gorgeous floral and was really excited. However, I had promised Little Miss Bossy-Boots that she could pick the fabric herself. A task which she absolutely loved.

She ran around very quickly to find all the pinks and purples and picked a lovely voile with butterflies on. Sadly, I had to tell her that she couldn’t use that material as it was just too thin and wouldn’t survive as a bean bag cover for very long. I tried to steer her toward a gorgeous pink, white and green stripe that would look really good in her room but she took one look and rejected it straightaway.

She went round the corner and squealed. She’d found the fabric she wanted and I groaned. It was Fairies on a lilac ground. Now anyone who knows me knows I do not like lilac (I apologise to anyone who loves purples and lilacs), there is no lilac in our house and I thought there never would be. Purples I have warmed to, we even have purple curtains (which I chose) in the lounge but I guess living with Little Miss Bossy-Boots I’ll have to get used to lilac.


Anyway, I sat down and cut out all the pieces for the bean bag cover with Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ help. She likes to hand me the pins and comment on everything I do. It does slow the process down a little bit but I don’t mind. I basically made the cover the same size as the bean bag itself but added a handle at the top and velcro in the bottom so that the cover can be removed and washed.

I tried to finish the cover as quickly as possible and therefore made a few mistakes. First, I pinned one panel wrong side up but realised it before sewing. Second, while attaching the handle I didn’t take the 1cm seam allowance into consideration and therefore my cross is rather wonky. Luckily, my little two year old doesn’t mind and I got away with it. I’ll know for next time!

I do apologise for the dog’s hairs on the bean bag. I tried to remove all of them before I took the picture but obviously wasn’t very successful.

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