In the Garden

Little Miss Bossy-Boots has been a teensy weensy bit trying lately and I haven’t been able to get to the sewing machine as much as I should. I don’t like sitting around doing nothing so I thought of a small project I could move around with me: A “We are in the Garden” sign for our front door.

It has happened to me a couple of times that people have called but I haven’t heard them because I was in the garden with Little Miss Bossy-Boots and Aron our dog. It’s never a problem when Aron’s in the house as he barks at every one walking to our front door. I’d been looking at signs stating “I’m in the Garden” a few times but have never been tempted enough to actually buy one.

Why buy one, when you can make one? I used short bits of embroidery floss that I had floating about in my box. Luckily most of the words are really short. Once I’d finished the letters I added a couple of flowers in two of the corners.

Anyway, here it is:

As you can see I added “And so is the dog!” as many people get a shock when they walk through our gate. Aron gets very excited about visitors, runs towards them and barks like mad. He’s not aggressive but very loud. At least now people are warned.

This project is great for using up scraps for the front and back. I used a natural cotton fabric to embroider on and  a flowery fabric for the back but thought afterwards that it would have been really nice with a lovely patchwork back as well. Both fabrics that I used were bigger pieces from my scrap bin. Some green ric rac makes a sweet loop to hang it from.

I can’t wait to hang it outside my door.

And just in case you are curious about Aron. Voilà!

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