A Flag and some Bunting

I haven’t forgotten about my blog but somehow life has gotten in the way of sitting down and writing about it. Again.

Last Monday was Little Miss Bossy-Boots birthday and we have been busy building a big climbing frame in the garden. Well…when I say we I have to admit that it was mostly Master with  a lot of help from Uncle Bear (his brother Brendan) and a little from our neighbour Phil. Meanwhile I have been sewing a flag and some bunting to decorate the fort bit with. Oh yes, the climbing frame consists of a fort with pink (!) slide, bench and table and sand pit, monkey bars and two swings and a trapeze. Luckily we have a nice big garden with enough space for such a big contraption. I can tell you it has already been used a lot. The newest trick is to hang face down off the trapeze. I cannot wait for Master to see this. He will freak!

Yesterday we had 11 children over for a little party. That was when the bunting was supposed to be going up. It didn’t… as I haven’t quite finished it. I loved making it, though, and can see quite a bit of bunting making in my future. It’s a great way of using up bigger scraps as well. Having the climbing frame in the garden meant that all the mums could sit down and have a cup of tea while the children were using up a lot of energy. Bliss!

By the way, the other side of the flag has Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ name appliquéd on it and she loves it. The name “Fort Belle” was chosen by Master and my mother embroidered most of the flowers on the flag (mine are the really wonky ones – it wasn’t a good day for embroidery for me).

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