Little Miss Bossy-Boots is taking after her mummy when it comes to being creative. She loves nothing more than to paint/draw and  play with her Play-Doh. This morning I came downstairs after my shower and found her at the table with the big bottles of paint, which I thought were securely locked away under the stairs on the top shelf. Big mistake!

They were all unscrewed and there was paint everywhere: her pyjamas, the table, the chair and even my washing. Although I have to admit that I was quite chuffed about the fact that she wanted to paint, I wasn’t too happy with the mess. Her biggest problem was that she didn’t have any paper to paint on. Hence the painted table and chairs.  She did find a couple of scraps though:

The light wasn’t very good when I took those pictures.

I’m also not quite sure which way is up….

I’m still waiting for THE masterpiece that I can transfer on fabric and make bags or cushions with. Although she did get quite close with this one:

Can you see the lovely shark? Looks almost like my logo 🙂

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