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You might remember that I made an apron for one of Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ friends. Well, it resulted in an order. Two aprons for two sisters who were being christened last Sunday. I bought two co-ordinating fabrics, a gingham and a polka dot, so that I could mix them and make two aprons in the same colour way. I remember when I was a little girl my sister and I often got the same clothes or toys in different colours. My things were usually red or pink and my sister’s blue. I didn’t like it at all and wanted the same colour as my sister. With this in mind I used the same fabrics but in different combinations and with different embellishments. I’m really happy with them and I hope the two little girls will be too.

Charlotte’s apron is the same style as Freddie’s with a big pocket on the front which I embellished with some crochet flowers. I have to apologise for the quality of the photos. We only have a ‘point and shoot’ camera at the moment (saving up for the big one, though), add to this the fact that I took the pictures two seconds before I handed them over with no chance of re-shooting and you have some pretty lousy pictures.

I’ve had the lace at the top of the apron for years, waiting for the right opportunity to use it and I believe this was it. I embroidered Charlotte’s name in the same pink I used on one of the crochet flowers.

Mischa’s apron is in a lovely old-fashioned style. These aprons remind me of my grandmother but I’m not sure why as she never used one of these. I have a white one which I received from my mum and which I used in my cookery classes ┬áin school. I still use it at Christmas when I bake biscuits with Little Miss Bossy-Boots.

I embroidered Mischa’s name on the cupcake and added a button instead of a cherry.

Now all I can do is hope that the girls love them.




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