Grüessech means “Hello!” in Swiss German. I’ve been enjoying some down time in Switzerland being spoilt rotten by my mum.

My mum has been knitting a scarf for Little Miss Bossy-Boots. It’s a lovely pink (no surprises there) and really soft. On top of that it’s really practical as it isn’t long and doesn’t have to be wound around her little neck. Little Miss Bossy-Boots hates everything that is restrictive and isn’t a fan of scarves at all. This one, however, she loves to wear.

The end of the scarf slots into a loop which means it stays nice and snug around the neck and there isn’t a big knot which restricts movement of the head. The scarf is modelled by my Dad’s old Teddy Bear. He got him when he was two years old (my Dad, not the Teddy) and was afraid of him. I think the bear was just too big.

I haven’t been sitting on my hands either. Kris, my sister, brought me some wool which looks more like a net and is knitted with really big needles. It took me a little while to wrap my head round the concept of knitting with a net but once I got going I finished the scarf in no time.

It looks almost like a feather boa and I’m not sure whether it’s really “me” so it might go to a new home at Christmas. Despite that I’ve started another one. Idle hands and all that….

Right, I’m off to eat some more chocolate. See you back in England.


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