Bye bye, Lola!

I was really looking forward to having a few hours to myself today. Plans were made, a list was written, the first tutorial was to be finished but a telephone call the day before took the steam right out of me.

Two years ago we re-homed two cats, Charlie and Lola. Well, Lola is a sensitive little soul who gets very stressed out by other cats. Couple this with chronic cystitis and a tendency to pee in Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ room and you have an unhappy cat and unhappy parents. For two years we have been trying to make her life better and turn her into a happy cat. She is the most loveable, gorgeous cat you can imagine and we really wanted to be able to keep her. After the last peeing incident we contacted the shelter, explained the situation again (we had been in contact with them previously) and said that we thought that Lola should find a different, more stress-free home. They agreed and she was put on a waiting list. The day the telephone call came to tell us they now had room to take her in was very distressing but we knew we were doing the right thing. I packed her bed, her food, her toys, put her into the transport box and set her in the car. Then, Master got into the car to take her to the shelter. I was waiting for him to leave but he didn’t. After a few minutes he got out again and said that he couldn’t do it. We got Lola back inside, opened the box and let a bemused cat out.

The shelter offered to come for a home visit to see what we could do to improve her life and ours. Notes were taken, discussions were had and then came the phone call I was dreading. The experts thought it would be better for our little girl to be re-homed. We bow to their wisdom and tomorrow I will once again pack her bag and Master will have to find the strength to let Lola go.

We will miss you, Lola, but I hope you will have a wonderful life in your new home. Thank you for coming into our lives and into our hearts. We love you.


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