Charles and Aron

I’m a cat person with a dog. Master is a dog person with a cat. The cat and the dog aren’t the best of friends but have accepted that they have to share the house and us.

Charles brings me mice in the middle of the night, curls up on the sofa next to me or on my lap and generally makes this house a home.

Aron looks at me adoringly, ignores me when I call him and curls up on the sofa with me when I watch tv in the evening. He also gets me out of the house twice a day.

Of course I’ve made beds for both of them. Actually that’s not quite true as Charlie has a little quilt I made a long time ago while Aron has a nice fleecy bed in the living room. However, Charlie has decided that the Swoon cushion is his bed now and sleeps on it every day. Fine by me, it’s nice to know that things I’ve made are being used.

Yesterday Aron hijacked the bed and Charlie was not happy.

At least not until I gave him some rubs while sitting on the sofa.

I think I need to make Aron a new cover for his bed. Another Swoon? Stars? Stripes? Decisions, decisions.



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