Although I have been living inEngland for over five years there are still things that are a complete mystery to me. One of these things/traditions are teacher’s gifts. In Switzerland we only gave our teachers a gift at the end of school as far as I remember. Here, however, teacher’s gifts seem to be given all the time and I keep getting caught out. This time I was determined to get it right. I had asked around a bit and came to the conclusion that I didn’t need to bring anything. Imagine my panic when a friend of mine whose daughter is in the same pre-school went off to Cath Kidston to buy gifts for all the teachers. I didn’t have time to go shopping and thought “quick gift, quick gift” while pulling my hair out (not really, I’m trying to grow it and can’t spare any). I then remembered a lovely heart-shaped keyring my neighbour bought a while ago. It was made from an off-white cotton fabric and had lots of buttons sewn on to the front. Very easy to copy and very cute.

I looked through my box of scraps and chose a few just to get the heart shape and size right. I liked them so much that I made three in about twenty minutes and then left them without sewing buttons on. I just let the fabric do the talking.

The back of this heart is red with lovely white polka dots.

Now, however, I have some great ideas for embellishments. Buttons, crochet flowers, butterflies and hearts, fabric roses, zips, sequins and lace are all on my mind. I’ll show you what I’ve come up with once I get going. Before I can start in on this project properly I have to finish a bag for a customer. Little Miss Bossy-Boots has been enrolled in her pre-school’s play scheme tomorrow so that mummy can sew without interruptions!


PS The Teacher’s gifts, by the way, stayed here as I realised after talking to the friend again that she was only getting them gifts because her daughter is starting school in September. Panic ended! Still, at least I got some inspiration out of it…

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