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This is a post for dog owners. So if you don’t have a dog feel free to go make a cup of tea and come back some other day for a crafty post.

Today I was really excited because this arrived in the post:

It’s a Dicky Bag, the “No.1 Answer to Dog’s No.2’s” according to the box. I’m one of these people who have doggy bags in every pocket and bag and always picks up her dog’s poo. Why? Firstly because I hate the sight and smell of dog poo on roads, grass verges and pavements, secondly because I’m Swiss. We Swiss believe suggestions are laws. I always joke about the fact that signs in Switzerland are polite recommendations not to do something rather than a ban.

Anyway, I brought it on my walk this morning to test whether I bought a good thing and let me tell you it’s fantastic. The doggy bags fit into the lid and there’s an air freshener that you put into the bottom of the bag. I put Little Miss Bossy-Boots in the pushchair, put Aron on the lead, attached the Dicky Bag to my bag and went off to the local garden centre to buy a stepping stone. We didn’t get very far before Aron had to go, so I scooped and bagged and knotted and then put my doggy bag in the Dicky Bag. No smell!

Even though there is a bin in front of the garden centre I decided to test the Dicky Bag even further and took it inside with its smelly content. Still no smell! I love it. We’ve had our dog for almost 9 years now and have bought lots of things for him that we thought were going to be really practical. Some are very handy and are used on an almost daily basis, some very quickly ended up in the second hand shop. The Dicky Bag will definitely stay with us.

PS I know, I know, it’s pink. I didn’t mean to get the pink one, it just happened. They do them in lots of different colours.

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