Resolved to Sew

Very Berry Handmade has a fantastic giveaway going. All you have to do is tell the blogging world about your resolutions to sew for 2012. Well, I don’t really need a resolution to sew, do I? I sew as much as I can anyway but what I can have a resolution about is what I sew. So here goes:

1. I would love to make a big quilt for Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ bed. I’ve already bought the fabric (the same I used for the Tumbler Cushion) but just cannot make up my mind about what pattern to use. I will find a pattern and sew the quilt this year.

2. I would love to make a few things for myself. I haven’t made clothes for a long time and I think it’s time to go back to making myself some tops and dresses.

3. I would like to teach people to sew. When I helped my friend Delphine to make the bean bags for her children I had a fantastic sense of achievement (and so did she!) and was so proud of her. It felt good and I would love to help more people get into sewing. I’ve been thinking about getting another machine, one that isn’t as heavy as my Bernina, and either go to people’s houses with some fabrics and threads or have them come here to make some easy projects.

4. I really want to get the ball rolling with the Heart Pillows. Last year was rather difficult and quite a few projects were dropped. This was one of them and I’ve been feeling terrible because of it.

There we go. I’ve committed myself and it feels good. ┬áNow, all I’m supposed to do is pick one of the prizes in case I win. Very difficult as I like all of them, but I think I’ll go for the Kate Spain Fat Quarter Bundle or maybe the Fancy Moon voucher? Anything really, as they are all great prizes.

As blog posts without pictures are like toast without butter I’ll leave you with this lovely picture:

Boy + Girl + Dinosaur + Barbie = Lots of Fun

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