the date

I was going to show you the bag I made for a little girl’s birthday today but I think I will keep it till tomorrow as my mind is on something completely different today.

The 6th April was my beloved grandmother’s birthday. It is also the date my heart stopped during an operation seven years ago and I had to be resuscitated. I knew nothing about it until the following day when the surgeon and anaesthetist came to my room and told me I gave them “a bit of a fright”. The only thing I knew was that I felt rotten. I’d had an operation two weeks previously; also under full anaesthetic and everything had gone well. I even went home the same day.

Well, when I woke up after the second op I felt really, really terrible. It took me forever to actually be able to keep my eyes open for more than two seconds and I did realise that this operation had taken its toll on my body. However, I thought it was simply because it’s no fun for your body to have two operations under full anaesthetic within two weeks.

Meanwhile, Master was sitting at home not knowing what was going on until very, very much later when I managed to call him. As he was “only” my boyfriend at the time the hospital didn’t contact him to report what had happened. I can only imagine how he was feeling at the time.

Seven years later I’m still here to tell the tale and I’m very grateful about that.

Gratulerer med dagen, mormor!

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